Florence McNeill


Landscape Architecture

Urban Orientation: facilitating emerging inner-city neighbourhood identity + culture

LAND411_DesignPart1.McNeill_Florence 5.jpg

This project explore affects and ecologies in the urban realm. It asks how people use non-prescriptive urban spaces for actives that aren’t always provided for in cities. It proposes replacing a car parking lot with a flexible open space that provides an orientation point for an emerging urban neighbourhood. The intention is to keep and enhance (rather than displace) the aspects of the carpark that makes it an adaptable and valuable urban space. It supports the evolution of a unique community identity based on how locals use and socialise in the public space.


Florence McNeill


LAND411: Landscape Architecture Design Studio V / Te Taupuni Mahi Pokepoke, Whakarākei i a Papa-tūā-nuku V



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LAND411_DesignPart1.McNeill_Florence 5.jpg