Carolina Vargas-Gonzalez


First Year Architecture



This project is about those underrated things that are part of our everyday life, those things that are everywhere and make our cities but we often don't see; this project tries to celebrate them because they are crucial for our lives and cities to function as we know. The first journey is about fences and how vegetation around them often wants to overtake, and it will if you let it. This usually can say a lot about their occupants and how they live. Fences are also crucial; we desperately crave privacy, safety, and ownership, and fences clearly define our space and our boundary. The second journey is about power lines and colour contrast. I focus on a port town in my home country Chile, called Valparaiso. This town has its charms. Initially, the houses were painted bright with the leftover paint all the fishermen had after painting their fishing boats. These days is a tourist must-see, so the council ensures the houses are colourful and charming. Walking Valparaiso's hills, the contrast created by the black power lines is impossible to ignore. People depend on them, and they are also crucial for their everyday living.


Carolina Vargas-Gonzalez


Tane Moleta


SARC 161 Introduction to Design Communication / He Tīmatanga Kōrero mō Te Mahi Ngātahi i Te Ao Whakarākei



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