Caitlin Hartnett-Poelman


Landscape Architecture

Te Awakairangi - Revitalising Petone


In an attempt to resolve Petone’s climate change and infrastructural issues, this project investigated how climate mitigation strategies can be used to increase biodiversity and food cultivation within urban environments. Petone is currently facing significant pressures from its infrastructural layout and systems which are causing substantial traffic congestion, flooding problems, and inequitable access to services and resources. These issues cannot be resolved without considerable transformation, and with the increasing challenges of climate change, Petone must utilise arising opportunities to plan ahead to mitigate these obstacles.

Some important issues that were discovered in this research process was the vulnerability of the city to flooding/sea level rise, the lack of green space and biodiverse habitats, the absence of cycling and pedestrian lanes, and the unequal access to amenities within Petone. This project attempt to address these issues through strategic interventions and technologies.


Caitlin Hartnett-Poelman


Hannah Hopewell


LAND 411 Landscape Architecture Design Studio V / Te Taupuni Mahi Pokepoke, Whakarākei i a Papa-tūā-nuku V



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